We are Open 7 days a week: 9:00am – 11:45am and 1:00pm – 4:00pm

We are closed for lunch from noon – 1pm daily

Late Checkout Fee (AFTER 1:30PM): $25.00 ADD’L SURCHARGE (not per dog)
Holiday Drop-off and Pick-up Fee: $20.00 ADD’L SURCHARGE (not per dog)

*Please respect our business hours

We require Rabies, Distemper and a Yearly Kennel Cough Vaccination. You can have your vet fax them to 704-528-3591 or email to k9cabins@gmail.com.

Of course! We welcome you to bring your dog(s) to come and sniff around prior to their stay.  We do require that you call 704-528-3517 to set up an appointment so that we can set aside time to show you around an meet our staff.  You must provide current vaccinations prior to the tour.

We raise the doggie doors to their patio and give good morning pats, hugs & kisses and let them wake up and go potty. We individually take your k9 kid to the playing field to go potty, although if they can’t wait their turn it is okay to go potty on their patio, because we are right behind them to clean up for those that can’t wait their turn!. We get their tails a waggin’ and ready for a not so “RUFF”, but very FUN day!
Room service starts serving breakfast along with a smile more pats, rubs and talking too from the staff!. The water bowls are cleaned and refilled. Although water is replenished when needed throughout the day. (We do not take check-ins and check-outs until 9am…we are busy tending to the needs of your K9 kid this time of morning!)
After their bellies are full, the dogs are free to go out on their patio to catch some rays and fresh air while housekeeping sweeps thru and cleans their cabin; fluffs their beds and blankets, and freshens their cabin while breakfast is digesting.
The real FUN begins…approximately every 2 to 3 hours, your dog(s) get to go play with our pet crew in the play fields and can play with other dogs (with your permission). Our Pet Crew individually takes each dog out to the playing fields – we have 3 large playing fields to hob-knob with the staff and play ball, frisbee, go for a wade in the K9 pools (during warm summer days) or perhaps a little agility fun. We also have trail walks or even a little basic training for fun and treats…there is no extra charge for this, as this is our favorite part of the day! If you have more than one dog boarding with us, they can be brought to the playing fields simultaneously to play together, even if they don’t share a cabin. By only having 20 cabins, this gives us and our PET CREW an abundance of time to offer that personal touch and give plenty of human companionship to your K9 kid, and at the same time keep the cabins spic and span. We also like to let each dog spend time with us in the lodge (or office) or perhaps help us give tours to potential customers.
10:00am - 4:00pm
This varies: if it is nice outside and daylight savings…they don’t get put to bed until late. We live on the property, so we are always here to offer human companionship and put them to bed when we feel they are ready (usually between 9PM and 11PM). Everyone gets one last trip to they playing field for a pottyrun before bed. Although some chose to snooze even before bedtime! All dogs are given a scooby snack (sometimes I bake them myself)….and then they get one last atta’boy and potty walk for the day and safely locked inside for the evening to rest up for another day of fun day at the K9 Cabins & Dog Trails, Inc.! WE DO NOT DO DROP OFFS OR PICK UPS AT THIS TIME! ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS.

We do required that you bring your dog’s food.  It does not have to be pre-bagged, but if you choose to pre-bag their food, please be sure you send enough and a couple extra bags.  Just be sure that your food arrives in a sealed container.

Bowls are not required unless they have a riser or slow feeder bowl.

We understand that plans may change, so if you need to cancel your reservation we kindly request that you give us a call or send us an email as soon as possible so someone on the waitlist can stay in that cabin.

Absolutely! We encourage you to bring your dog’s bed, blanket, toys and treats or anything they are used to having at home.

You bet!  Our Cabins are very spacious!  They are 8×10 indoor with an 8×10 outdoor patio.  There is plenty of room for multiple dogs to stay together.  We can separate them to eat if requested.

NO!  We don’t have group play (unless you have multiple dogs that can play together) so your dog is safe here.  He/she will get plenty of attention and playtime with our staff.

However, we do encourage you to spay or neuter your pet as soon as they are old enough!

We have no problem administering medications. We DO NOT charge for this either.  We recommend a pill box and hand written instructions on dosage and the best way to administer (i.e. peanut butter, cheese, put down throat, etc).

Click on the “FORM” tab at the top of our website and it will direct you to the New Customer Information Form.  Please fill it out in its entirety so that we have all the information that we need.

If you have multiple dogs fill out the first form which includes the owners information and Dog1 and then hit SUBMIT.

Then go back and click on Dog2, Dog3 or Dog4 and hit SUBMIT again.

YES we do!  We are proud to partner with Lake Norman Pet Services, LLC to provide transportation for you if your schedule gets to busy or if you want your dog home when you get back from your trip if you get it late.  Karen Bolton can be reached at 704-957-6787.

We have an in house groomer who has been grooming since 2001.  Her eye for detail is amazing! She can scissor, cut, shave any style you would like.  Call 704-528-3517 to book an appointment.  Your dog does NOT have to be staying with us to be groomed.  She also grooms them straight through so you dog is not gone all day to get a hair cut!  ASK FOR DEE DEE

Yes! We do offer daycare based on availability. You can drop off as early as 8am and pick up before 5pm.

No. We do board dogs that do not like other dogs.  However if you have multiple dogs they will indeed go out to play together!

If we find that there is another dog here who likes other dogs and both parties give us permission to let your dogs mingle with other dogs then we will supervise them.   Your dog will get plenty of exercise and attention from our energetic pet crew!!!