Dog No.2 Information

  1. Sex:
  2. Is he/she neutered/spayed?
Feed Schedule/Instructions:
  1. If more than one dog, do we need to separate to eat?
  2. If your dogs are sharing a cabin, do they fight over treats?
Other Special Instructions
  1. May we add gravy, broth, or cheese to food if not eating?
  2. Is your dog micro-chipped?
  3. Good with other dogs?
  4. Good with kids and/or teenagers?
  5. Has your dog ever bit a person?
  6. Is your dog a digger?
  7. Has your dog ever escaped from digging under a fence?
  8. Can your dog jump or climb a 5' fence?
  9. Is your dog afraid of thunderstorms?
  10. Does your dog mind getting a bath?
  1. (Please be very detailed)

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