Tours & What to bring


If your dog is a first time boarder at the K9 Cabins & Dog Trails, Inc., we would recommend that you and your dog make an appointment to visit our facility prior to boarding, in order for us to meet you and your K9 Kid.   At that time we can offer a quick tour of our facility to let him/her sniff around. Please do not just show up without an appointment, as the dogs that are boarding are our first priority.  So please make an appointment so that  we can block off a time for you and your k9 kid!  When dropping off for his stay, we allow you to take your K9 ki9 from the lodge to his cabin and get him settled in. This sometimes helps in separating with your dog (Helps the owner that is!).  If you do so, please limit your drop off time here to 15 minutes or less, as we are always very busy. If you are in a rush however, we will get his cabin all set up for you.


WHAT TO BRING WHEN YOUR DOG COMES TO STAY: ( food, beds, blankets, toys, treats, collar & leash)

We encourage you to bring as many of your pet’s favorite toys, beds, blankets toys and treats!  Please label all of your dogs belongings.  If your dog is used to sleeping in a crate, you may bring it to set up in his cabin, as the cabins are very spacious.  We have a tack-box to store his food, extra treats and other additional belongings.

The K9 Cabins & Dog Trails, Inc. is not responsible for any damaged or lost toys, blankets or other items of personal property that belong to your dog. We encourage you to bring an old blanket or t-shirt that has your scent on it as well! Please bring a normal leash and collar. NO EXTEND-A-LEASHES OR HARNESSES PLEASE – This is very important in the event of emergency!

Bowls are not necessary.  However, if your dog uses a raised bowl or a slow feeder you are welcome to bring it.


WE REQUIRE THAT YOU BRING YOUR PET’S OWN FOOD, to ensure they have no digestive problems during their stay with us. Please label it with your name and instructions.


Please check your K9 Kid for fleas and treat your dog with a flea and tick prevenative, such as Frontline or Advantage, prior to your arrival at the K9 Cabins and Dog Trails, Inc.! If your dogs has fleas, he/she will not be welcome to stay with us.